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Full Version: Community Filename Prefix Reservations
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Click the link below to

  • Please register only one prefix. If you want more than one, please give a reason.
  • ONLY two-letter prefixes can be registered. (Note: prefixes that had been registered before this rule came into force were not deleted; they are still valid.)
  • If you want to register a prefix, check if there isn't a 3-letter prefix already that starts with the same letters as yours (e.g. it's useless and may cause prefix conflict if you register 'XQ' if 'XQP' is already registered by someone else).
  • Your prefix will be in the Personal prefixes section (even if you register it in the name of a whole mod project). The Projects section is legacy, no new prefixes are added there.
  • Please write a few words about your upcoming mod(s) where you plan to use the prefix. There are a lot of prefixes registered, and the community often does not hear about new released mods where these prefixes are used. This is why we ask for a few thoughts about your modding plans with the prefix you request.
In the Status field of the prefix list table, you can meet four types of status:
'OK' - the prefix is unique, it has no conflict with any other prefixes
'Conflict' - the prefix or the significant part of it is registered by more than one people, and it may cause incompatibility. This type of prefix conflict is relatively common
'Global Conflict'- one-letter prefixes. These have been registered for a long time. Now, registering one-character prefixes is not possible.
'Protected' - These are usually filename prefixes used by modding communities (example: G3, BW).

Valid Two-Letter Prefixes
Based on TheBigg's recommendations

First possibility: [A-Za-z][0-9A-Za-z#_!-]
Second possibility: [#][A-Za-z_!-]

which could be expressed as:
Any letter, followed by any number, letter, #, _, ! or - character.
A '#' character, followed by a letter, _, ! or - character.
Make sure you keep this up-to-date with the actual TBG (if TBG ever comes back).

Are other TBG forum posts archived on google? I tried to find some of the IESDP posts, but didnt have much luck sad.gif
Try to type a part of possible content of the threads. I managed to find this archive with that (I typed a name and a prefix reservation I remembered)

As for the prefix list, I asked some modders and they agreed that the Prefix List is the property of the Community, so there is nothing wrong if it is not posted at TeamBG. (As it is down unfortunately.)
I agree, the list is definately "community property" (as much as anything in the community can be anyones property).
I was just a bit miffed, as I cant update it (I used to look after the post at TBG).

secondly (I seem to be saying this a lot recently), isnt a static list, posted at a load of forums, by hand, a little out-dated? I feel a snazzy PHP form, which would automatically look for duplicates (and remove entries after 6 months - not that I think any entries have ever been removed), and organised at a central location, would be a lot more modern.

Anyway, nice retrieve from the archive, stops it dissapearing smile.gif

And you migth want to try and keep this thread free from general discussion (like this message smile.gif ) to stop it becoming crowded.
Just to confirm that although I registered and did nothing for almost two years (education!!!), YS is now definately building a BG2 mod.

It's on the list indeed, thank you for confirming it.
Good luck for your mods!
Hello everybody,
my prefixes are: C#, CS#

I have to admid I registered to get my prefixes onto the list, but somehow it has to start, doesn't it?... smile.gif
Thanks jastey, prefix has been added.
I use the prefix E#. smile.gif
I use K#. smile.gif
Updated. cool.gif
Cool, I'm still in there.
Why, what could steal that from there? smile.gif
QUOTE(Baronius @ Aug 28 2004, 07:52 AM)
Why, what could steal that from there? smile.gif

I regestered mine 2 1/2 years ago - then lost net access, and had a HD crash.. lost nearly everything. At least that I didn't lose.. :> was afraid my WT would be updated out of existance.
I use LJ# cool.gif
Thanks, added. smile.gif
I use A$
Added to the list!
If you would be so kind, to add mine. I use BH# Thanks!
I use DR. So if you could please add that to the list.
Thx, added.
Idobek has used IK since the dawn of time, and G3 will likely be used as a community prefix.
FWIW, in what little modding i've done, i've been using sa (which is taken, but i've only been using it for global-setting) so i guess i should register the fallback se.

I wouldn't worry, as I've never heard of a mod by 'Savage'. smile.gif

Perhaps the list could be trimmed and people who haven't actually made/aren't currently making a mod could be in a different section? So we can see what is actually being used.
@Andyr: blink.gif What use would the prefix list be, then? People who "haven't actually made" a mod are people currently working on a mod or at least planning to do so, so the prefixes *are* used. To prevend several people to write their (first) mod using the same prefixes, that's what the list is for, I thought.

Ontopic: I decided to stick to C#. Please erase CS# from the list, I never used it and I'll never will. smile.gif
Seanas, SA has been registered to you (based on your PM you sent me) smile.gif
Jastey, update done (#CS deleted).
Andyr, I'll definitely do some reorganizing, starting with integrating the idea that was applied at TeamBG, by my request (i.e. there are no 'Conflict with...' messages but 'INACTIVE' next to the old prefixes; if someone posts that (s)he uses the prefix and isn't inactive, the text will be removed)
Hey, i would like to change my prefix. A$ is getting too difficult to type. I checked the list and it looks like AW is available, so i'll take that. And also, how long can a prefix be? I would think there is a limit.
fallen demon
can i reserve fd
Sure, I've added it, fallen demon.
Awake, I also updated your prefix. Registered prefixes have no time limit for their usage. Although a very very old prefix will be marked as inactive if someone else also wants it and the community hears nothing from/about the original owner...
i meant as in length like xxxbob.cre xxx being the prefix. i thought it had to be two only, but that would greatly limit the number of possible modders wouldn't it?
I think more letters would rather increase the number of possible modders, because it is easier to find a 3-letter prefix if the one wanted by the modder is already registered (3 letters allow more combinations).
The real problem of this lies in the filename usage, because if the prefix takes more letters from it, less letters remain for the other part of the 8-character long (or 6 in case of areas) filenames.
But no, it isn't limited. If it were, it'd be mentioned in the initial post of this thread.
Thorium Dragon
Thorium Dragon - BM

Project: Valen Expansion - VE
Personal prefix added.
Shall I add 'Project: Valen Expansion' or 'Valen Expansion' to the mod prefix list?
I'd like to use: BG

If that's okay. smile.gif

Minotaur In Maze
Your prefix has been registered.
Thorium Dragon
QUOTE(Baronius @ Sep 18 2004, 08:18 PM)
Personal prefix added.
Shall I add 'Project: Valen Expansion' or 'Valen Expansion' to the mod prefix list?

'Valen Expansion' is fine, thanks.
Thorium Dragon: BTW do you have any sites or more detailed info about Valen Expansion?
Can we perhaps move some of the prefixes to a section for ones that have not been used ever/in ages, and are not actually in use at the moment?
The bane of keeping this list up to date is keeping track of who is still actually around and doing modding.
When the list was at TBG, I was toying with the idea of making a php script - the user would enter their name + prefix, and it would be auto-added to the list. After 6 months it would be deleted (or an e-mail sent asking if it should be kept).
Thorium Dragon
QUOTE(Vlasák Sep 21 2004 @ 06:02 AM)
Thorium Dragon: BTW do you have any sites or more detailed info about Valen Expansion?

Yes, a new forum dedicated to the Valen Expansion has been opened up at Forgotten Wars here.
Andyr, check the previous posts: re-organizing of the prefix list is planned.
Oops. sad.gif
While you're re-organising, would it be more convenient to list the prefixes first rather than the authors? For instance, it matters not to me that InsertModderHere uses X!, but if I want to use X!, I'd like to be able to look it up quickly by scanning the list, then curse InsertModderHere.

A .php script should be able to handle displaying the list using modder name vs modder prefix. smile.gif

(And yes, I know that 'Ctrl-F' works, but I'm lazy.)

Ps - I have used WW in the past for UB, but now generally use CLF. And I don't want to use X! biggrin.gif
I believe Ms. Ette has a good point.
Thanks for the suggestions, they will be useful I am sure. smile.gif
Cliffette, so would you like to register a prefix?
Heh. Yes, I would like to register CLF please. <-- yay for the three letter prefixes!
Your prefix is now registered! smile.gif

For everyone's information: reorganizing the prefix list takes a lot of time. It will happen sooner or later, but if someone who knows well which the active prefixes are etc. created a new list (e.g. in a .txt or .doc file) based on this list and sent it to us, everything would be much faster. The Council would check and change the list where needed (or just me, and then get it approved by the Council - with modifications if needed - during the upcoming meeting of the Council). Just a possibility...
Hi everyone,
I didn't get what changes to the prefix list you are planning now exactly, but if you are really planning to part the list into "activ" and "inactive / no longer in use" prefixes, please be careful. I think it is quite inappropriate to put prefixes into a "inactive/ no longer in use" corner just because the modder didn't show up for a longer time. There are quite a few modding communities not active in the English speaking community yet they are active in writing mods in their native tongue and are anxious to make their mods compatible with the others available, planning a translation at some point. That is also the reason why I don't think anyone does really have the knowledge of creating such a "active prefixes" list, at least not internationally. The saying of the original list at teamBG was, that you should reconfirm your prefix after one year if you are not active in the community in the meantime and I gues that's what those people will do. I have to admit I don't understand this "what prefixes are still active" discussion anyway, because even if a prefix is not used any longer - It still was used for a mod sometimes, so it's not a good joice if someone else starts using this prefix for his mods, then, incidentally giving a similar name to some file.
I second the idea of cliffette: Putting the prefix in front (and sort them alphabetically) would simplify the checking. Maybe it's possible to have both lists (which, of course, means again more work or updating.)
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