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Full Version: Community Assets Possible Addition
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I would like to know if the addition of 3d models would be a good thing.

meaning if there was a place that people can upload models to and have people download them to save time on area creation, would you:

1. think it is a good idea to download models and to donate models (5% chance)
2. think that you would just download models and let the suckers do all the work (73% chance)
3. just think it is stupid to share anything (20% chance)
4. the different versions of 3ds max let alone other software brands makes it virtually impossible to make anything work. (2% chance)

the donated tilesets have been downloaded well over 400 times and the number of people outside of WTP that have donated to them is 2. So could donated 3d models be more successful than donated tilesets, or textures, or areas. I really do not think so but I had to ask.
I'd be in the first 5%, but I have no EX with 3D Max and I doubt that my Celeron would be able to handle it.

But I coould help up with items, spells or other thing that do not require 3D editing.
*Wonders why this isn't in a Poll format.*

#1 is my vote. However, I'd like to point out that free 3dsmax models are version independent. As well, there's oodles of freebies out there already. I have downloaded over 750mb of such medieval themed models in the last few months alone. It might be more work to set up a communal pot of them then it's worth.
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